08 July 2008


52= the number of outlets in my home that I had to buy safety plugs for.

how many are in your place!?

DO any of you MOms lock up your shampoo!? what about your dish soap!?

I do all this for the love of a little one...

still can't wait.

all in my sweet Joseph's memory


Kelli said...

God has given you such a big heart for the little ones he has placed and will continue to place in your home. Can't wait to see how the Lord continues to open those doors for you! Congratulations to Jacob! You must be very proud.

sara's art house said...

Well, I have never even heard of locking up the shampoo and dish soap! When they are so little, I was always one step behind them, and the soaps were up high. I did do the outlet covers, tho.

Rachel said...

but guess what.. you dont have to lock up beer!!!

Razor Family Farms said...

Oh, I know all about the safety shopping trips. Even after carefully counting all of our outlets -- we managed to miss a few. This meant another trip to town and more outlet covers.

We don't have to lock up our shampoo though since we're adopting instead of fostering. In Washington, we were licensed for fostering and adopting. I couldn't believe how expensive it was to get ready for the foster care.


Blessings to you. You and your family are firmly in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

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sara's art house said...

Hey Rach! Don't know if you got my email or not, but I am in desperate need of concealor. Do you want me to order from someone else? Let me know, I know you are super busy!

Heather Marshall said...

Hey Rachel,

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'll be keeping up with yours as well!

By the way - I had no idea you had lock up soap and whatnot to be foster parents! My husband and I are thinking about registering to be foster parents... at least now I know something about it! :)

D said...

Around this place, if you get into the shampoo or dish soap, it's concidered a BATH.
We just keep it up on the sink, or "baby locked" under the sink.

Pam said...

No, I don't lock up the shampoo or dish soap. I keep the extra (FREE) dishsoap up high, and I have caught my kids tasting the shampoo. They didn't like it. I still keep those doorknob covers on many of the doors because they just LOVE to get into stuff. Even if it isn't dangerous stuff, they just like to make a mess!!!