10 July 2008


Here is my "handy-woman" experience of the day. The good looking bathroom cupboards.
THE CHAIN... (that doesnt fit any of the MASTER locks that I have. I did find two mini locks, but alas, can't find the keys!!... hahaa.. can't wait till the hubby comes home to see WHAT IVE DONE!!ahhhh--MAYBE HE knows where the keys are!!!)
The linen closet!
The linen closet is now LOCKABLE!!

I still have to do MY bathroom cupboard!! and my Laundry room.....

Now I don't want any little kiddos taking a swig of my SHAMPOO!


Sarah Elisabeth said...

WTG Rae! Shampoo tastes yukky. . . at least if they try it once they won't do it again =)

Liz said...

Wow, you're a jack of all trades! :)