21 June 2008

IKEA to the rescue

LOOK at our finds from IKEA. WE drove over to Orlando this rainy afternoon to pick up a few things at IKEA. I wasn't sure if Nana would be staying with us during her recovery so we NEEDED a bed :)

Our condo didn't come with lights so we picked up this happy sun! Hopefully all the foster children through our doors will be happy with their "sunny" light.

Here are a few progress photos for you :)
I'm having a hard time staying organized through this process.

Don't I have the most wonderful husband?! He is SoooOoO patient.

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D said...

Thanks for dropping by my place! I love visitors.
We just went into Atlanta to Ikea. We got the boy the whole bedroom suite there. So you know we spent 4days puting all that together. I love it, but boy do they make you work for it!
Good Luck with the foster care.