20 June 2008


So , this may be odd, but I am getting very excited about getting babies , and toddlers and little ones into our home! Foster parenting is something that I really look forward to! I am getting excited, although nervous about the homestudy.

Sometimes I get discouraged because I don't have the money to go out and buy a new bedroom set and all the things needed for little ones!

I need to have a crib, and a toddler bed, and a regular bed all ready! Not to mention a huge stash of diapers, and clothing!!

No I don't have any of them (beds that is)! I went to visit "once upon a child" today and was a little disappointed at the prices even though they have super quality there.

I made a wish list at Amazon. It was fun! It will be fun to collect all these items over the next two months :).

My Amazon.com Wish List


The Cooking Ninja said...

Have you tried sourcing for items in associations that sell baby stuff for a few bucks. Also check out for forums of mothers who have stuff that they don't use any more and they are recycling it to other mothers who needed it or can't afford to buy new stuff. Or search under Yahoo for recycling in your area to see if anyone has any baby stuff, toys, clothes or bed that they do not need anymore and wish to give it away.

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Rae: You HAVE to go to garage sales! You can get gorgeous cribs for 10-40 dollars (always negociable, too ;) Tons of baby stuff is always available, from high chairs, booster seats, to clothing and toys. All for pennies on the dollar! I actually saw a lot this morning when I went out garage saling. Let us know if it works out!