26 May 2008

Memorial DAy Weekend

What a wonderful time for Jacob and I to share an extra day together this weekend!

We were able to check the new Indy flick.

I was able to get a nice mani/pedi and do a bit of fun shopping at Kohls and Homegoods.

We also were able to eat a decadent meal at Roy's... mmm....

Today we had photos taken at Sears.. so all credits given to the above photo... the results were satisfactory...

I find myself apprehensive about the approaching birthday of my son Joseph. I just really want to make a mark in his memory.

For the next two weeks
I'd love for you to join in my cause of easing the pain of child loss.

** The first thing I would like to encourage you to do is send a card from Petals for Pax to someone that you know who has lost a loved one. Maybe you can send out more than one!! Click the link above for the request form.

thank you.

please leave a comment if you are able to help in this small way.

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