22 May 2008

before -bedtime- blogging

I'm a BUSY working woman and I am a fan of

-- bagged Salad &

---- The new Bagged PASTA sauce!!

Ahh--- How handy.

ANd I have extremely disappointing news.................

-- I gained a pound! AHHH :(


Mamacita said...

Bertolli is great, eh? Sorry to hear about gaining a pound. :(
I know how hard you've tried over the last weeks.

The Cooking Ninja said...

Just want to say thanks for dropping by my blog :)

I'm so sorry about your loss of your Little One. Although I don't know you but I cried when I read about it and I feel your pain. *hugs*

grandma's quilt said...

kep up the good work Rae,you dad and I are so proud of you and Jac!