19 April 2008

A really bad morning

6 am.

The fire alarm in our condo building is hollering at us!

- WE scarmble for our clothes and make it outside with the rest of the ppl.


the fire dept. arrives

they leave
I call the condo association office-- they tell me the fire dept is on the way. I said They already left.

we left for coffee.

we return from coffee-the alarm is still screeching (it's so loud it was actually painful to be in the apt.)

we go to Walmart
we arrive home to pick up the pieces of our morning.
I shatter the microwave plate on the kitchen floor.- Jacob cleans it up.

I cry and take a short nap.

WE continue to scramble and make our selves presentable as we leave for grandma's funeral service.


Sarah Corbin said...

ugh. hopefully Sunday's a better day for you! What a bummer of a weird day!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing at least you are not alone, you have a husband that cleaned after you
my coffee cup say Psalms 118:24
hope today is good day for you and your Jacob!