20 April 2008

Getting ready for bed now...

I'm going back to work full time tomorrow. (as lead teacher of the day-care at EB)

I enjoyed staying home and working part-time. It really did allow for me to get alot more "homey" and "wifey" things done.

OH well. Que Sera.

I'm learning that life is not all fun and games and shopping :)

--YES. we did catch up on our lost Saturday morning sleep -in!!

-- We got to spend the weekend with Jaci. :)

-- The funeral went well and was great to be with family. It is so odd to have grandma gone. She was a frequent phone caller... I know my dad really misses her daily or 4 times daily phone calls....

--I got curtains for the bedroom and will post a picture this week, I'm sure. SO keep checking in!

--I spilled another mess all over the floor today! (Jacob so nicely cleaned it up for me AGAIN)

--Jacob starts Fire-Arms tomorrow. (I think he is really looking forward to it!--Gets them out of the classroom)

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work,love you and Jacob!!!