16 April 2008

How menu planning has helped

Writing out a menu has helped us curb our going out to eat spending! WE still enjoy going out to eat, and frankly for two ppl, it's not that expensive. HOWEVER, when I plan meals ahead of time I have them to look forward to all week, all day and am more ready to prepare it when I get home from work.

Jacob usually beats me home by about 30 minutes, and I can ask him to start the rice and or turn off the crock -pot , etc...

When we do eat out we have our favorites!!!

OUr TOp three--

LongHorn Steakhouse!!! (for the STEAK)

Bahama Breeze (for the atmosphere)

CHeddars (for the queso)

What are your family favorites?!?! How often do you go out?!

OH we also enjoy wraps from tropical smoothie cafe :) mmmmmm.......


Sara Mincy said...

Our #1 fave...Carrabbas, outback is yummy! And also Tony Romas and Chilis. WE eat out once or twice a week-but usually fast food. Once a month we go somewhere nice.

Pam said...

We eat out about twice a month, and that includes getting fast food. I wish we could go out more. Sometimes we have gift cards, usually for Olive Garden, and we will go wherever we have gift cards. I just have a hard time justfying spending the same amount for one meal as I spend in one week on groceries. Every time someone mentions going out to eat, the first thing that pops into my head is Chilis' Blue Cheese Burger. I got it both times I ate at Chilis. It is a good thing the restaurant business is not depending on people like me. There wouldn't be any restaurants because they would go out of business!