16 April 2008


Parents , do you let your children put their hands in their mouth!??! is it ever OK!??! (ie thumb sucking)
I think it is the grossest thing ever. When I am with my kids at EB I am constantly asking them to take their hands out of their mouth!! I have the hand sanitizer nearby always!!

WHy is there such a temptation to put fingers in their mouth??~?~?~?



Sara Mincy said...

I have no problem with my kids sucking their little thumbs. I know a lot of people do, tho...and maybe that is why my kids get sick lot :) But it keeps them very happy :) Wes was the only one who didn't suck his thumb and he was a very fussy baby.

TwoMuths said...

Aaron sucks his thumb too - but we wash hands a LOT at our house. I dunno, maybe it helps build up his immune system? ;-)

Pam said...

My kids are both thumb suckers, and I have no problem with that. They mostly only do it when they are going to sleep or when they are watching TV, snuggling with their favorite blankie, etc. My kids are pretty healthy most of the time. Sucking is a comfort to kids, whether they are sucking on their thumb or a pacifier. Your EB kids probably seek comfort wherever they can find it. My brother-in-law is always telling my kids to get their thumb out of their mouth, and I want to slap him! (I don't, though!)