09 March 2008

And alot happened this weekend.....

*SO this free velveteen orange chair made my day!!

*ALSO, JAcob's truck broke down........which was a sadder turn of events... we are down to one car now which mean I have to wake up early and drive him to work and all...then he has to sit and wait for me to pick him up..but hey at least we can still get to work right?? Who loves a large unexpected bill?? GOD DOES!

*My parents found a nice wooden table for us at a thrift sale!!!

* Jaci Pueyo got to spend the weekend with us.... SHe helped us with unpacking and organizing....yeah!! and THANK YOU!

* BUt finding the chair was the best event of the weekend by far!!! What do you think of my chair??


Sarah Corbin said...

I love the chair; it's so fun! It kinda looks like candy =)

And you're looking cute too; it's good to see a picture of you!

Katie Barker said...

I'm jealous of the chair. I love it! It would have been good in our dorm room too. Remember how crazy we used to decorate in there? Miss you.

Mom said...

It's like something out of Alice in Wonderland...Cool!!