12 June 2007

One Week

It's been one week since I first laid eyes on my son. Today we put him to rest in the Calvary Catholic Cemetery, right down the road.
Last night we had a most blessed service at the Community Bible Baptist Church.
Jacob, his father Earl, and I wrote letters to Joseph which were read aloud. The songs "It is Well" and "I can only imagine" were performed. The pastor gave a nice message and the evening was truly blessed. People gave us a lot of love last night. I was encouraged. I'm gunna miss my son for the rest of my life. Like the pastor said, He will never come back to me, but I get to go see him one day! It's like a race with my family now! Who gets to meet him first?
I'm smiling and excited about heaven. If you wonder why we had a service. . .I think it is important to remember these little ones. Because they were a "life". He was so very ALIVE, even if for a short a time.

My mother had two beautiful leis made for Jacob and I to give to Joseph. OH they smelled so good. There is a statue of Jesus with the "little children" right there beyond where Joseph's body will be. I am glad Joseph is enjoying the even more amazing flowers of heaven, and a REAL JESUS too!!


Pam said...

Rachel, I can only imagine how difficult this past week has been, but your attitude has been such an encouragement to me. Keep trusting the Lord. His plan is perfect.

When you are ready, I hope that you will share what happened.

Still praying...

Shannon Smith said...

Thanks for sharing about the service. My heart is breaking for you. We are praying for you.


Shanna said...

Sounds like a lovely memorial. *Hugs*

Conleys said...

We are praying that God's grace and peace will bring you much comfort during this time. Your eternal perspective is a blessing and is the only hope we have during times like these.

Anonymous said...

You and Jacob will always treasure that service. Joseph might have watched the whole thing and been so proud of how his parents are trusting God and making it through one day at a time! Hard times, but precious memories to cling too! :)I know what you mean about Heaven. It becomes a much more vivid and real place when you child is there!


Preston's Mommy & Daddy said...

I am so proud of you for how you have handled everything. I know it is because your faith is in the Lord. Love ya,Shelley

Kim Hoehn said...

Rachel and Jacob,
Baby Joseph's Memorial Service was so beautiful. I was blessed to be there. I am praying for you both. I love how you say it is a race to see just who will get to meet him first!!
God had the perfect plan for that perfect little baby.
God Bless and we love you.
The Hoehn Family

Dave & Heather said...

Rachel, This brought tears to my eyes as I read it. I have never been through it, but I will definitely keep praying for you. I am so glad that you had a service for him. Keep trusting in Him. He will help you to get through it.

Katie said...

I'm am so glad you were able to have such a lovely service. The songs you chose will forever be memories to your ears and hearts. Thank you for sharing your sorrows and your faith with all of us. Love, Katie

Elizabeth said...

Your post brought a lot of tears to my eyes. Your baby's life was definitely real. Perhaps only those of us who have been pregnant can understand the strong attachment that you created with your son. He was very real to you, I know. It will be awesome to get to meet him in Heaven. I'm still crying...