25 June 2007

A Holiday

My parents took Jacob and I for a nice little holiday over to Orlando. AAA had a great deal on DOllyParton's Dixie Stampede tickets so we picked them up. WE stayed at the Marriott Courtyard-very nice. WE weren't allowed to be doing any picture-takin' inside the Dinner SHow (but there were still hundreds of people who did, so I coulda fallin for the peer pressure).
Anyhoo- THANK YOU MOTHER AND FATHER for a great weekend!


journeyer said...

What a fun "holiday".
What was the show like?

Sarah Corbin said...

I feel like I should say this with an accent "Wot a fun 'oliday!" Really, sounds very interesting! I'm sure you appreciated the artistic aspect very much.

Rachel and Jacob said...

well, katie, lots of horses, and buffalo, and a few pigs, even ostriches!
and singin and dancin..... and boot stompin. the food was actually really good too.

Mom said...

It was our pleasure. Besides being with y'all, we had our fun too.