09 March 2007

no know

Yesterday, I went to have my ultrasound. I was so excited. However, the baby had it's legs crossed and I can't find out the gender. I was a little mad so when I had my blood pressure taken it was WAY HIGH (like 150/ 90!!). SO the midwife was like " I think you are going to seize, please go to the hospital now." WEll I went and spend my day there and I'm fine now(within an hour I had dropped to 126/73). BUt it's still sad that I can't go clothes shopping for the baby :). I mean white and yellow is nice enough .
::sigh sigh sigh::


Elisabeth said...

Rae, thanks for calling me back yesterday! I was worried. So sad I couldn't go buy pink or blue. . .oh well, we shall wait and see! I love you! Get better and rest up.

journeyer said...

when can you go for your next ultrasound? hey, and are we gonna' get to see a pic of you and baby soon?

sara said...

How disappointing!!!! I hope maybe they will have to take another ultrasound for you.

LMLogan said...

what - well it's going to be just as stubborn as its mom!! hehehehe :)
well I'm sorry you didn't get to find out. maybe the doc will feel bad and give you another one!!
either way I ditto katie's question - any pics soon!!??

Pam said...

That happened to me with Phoebe. I guess she was just being modest. I didn't know until she was born that I had my baby girl.