11 March 2007

Crazy Thing

SO I just won a car!
Last night dud gave me a flyer for a car sale and I said I'd win the red corvette pictured. WE went to the sale and registered to win the car (All covered up under a "Cover"- for lack of a better word)

Surprise Surprise I won!.
It's a jalunky little Saturn, but it works and Now I have a car! I didn't have one before! I can trade it in for $1200 probably... but its automatic, 4 door, and has cold aircon! That's all I wanted. :)
So there's my Sunday story~!~
Crazy HUh?


journeyer said...

what?!?!?! That's crazy. We need more details about this winning.

Shanna said...

I got your Facebook message and was full of questions. This is so cool! What an awesome blessing! :)

Praise the Lord!

LMLogan said...

wow praise the Lord! Isn't He good?!? anxious to see a pic!! :)

Anonymous said...


THE SPEARS said...

hey yeah!! what a huge answer to prayer so happy for you guys!! take a picture and put on your blog for all of to see love you both Delilah