21 March 2007

enjoying the weather and duck watching

Yesterday Jacob took me to the nearby park to eat our Panera Bread dinner. It was a nice time of duck watching. I don't think I've ever really watched ducks before. I kinda wish I had my camera with me. They were quite humorous.
Here is a photo of the park that I found online.
I found this pic which represents what I was totally amused by. However, at our pond, there were several all doing it together.


Elisabeth said...

Hey Rae! You've been quite busy blogging lately! Love the cute nursery items, super fun. Can't wait to check out your registry too. So sorry about your pains you are feeling, that sucks, but hey, only 4 more months of discomfort! hahahah! I wish we could come for spring break, your picnic at the park looked lovely! I love you!

LMLogan said...

very cute nursery!! gotta look at your registry!! :)
and very nice blog theme!!
oh and isn't it a small world - I'm about to start a case with a couple who got married in GUAM!! :) crazy!!