27 January 2012

2012 and here I am

Miss Sweet 16 left our home in early October. Heartaches. incredible heartache. Been enjoying our 7 sweet boys through the holiday season. Had my gall bladder removed on Dec 27. Currently on a weight loss plan with Ideal Protein!~
Big Year and Big changes!~~!

Maybe Ill be posting more? you never know!~


Katie Barker said...

Sorry to hear that Miss Sweet 16 left. I know you really enjoyed having her with guys - I think you made some incredible memories for both of you. I'll keep reading if you keep posting! :)

jeileenbaylor said...

Precious Picture! You are a wonderful blessing to these kiddos. I love how you are able to take them in as your own and make them your family for as long or as little as they are with you. I know it must be heartbreaking, but OH what a blessing in their little lives! It's so encouraging for me to see!