11 October 2010

I know you WANT to know!

How I broke My toe today!
Now listen hear, I dont set my alarm. I have 5 children up before dawn!

I slept in a few minutes past 7:30 today as the deputy came in to the room to say
"I hope you dont mind taking the children to preschool this morning".
I quickly got into action changing diapers and clothing. I sent Little E to throw his pull-up away and continued along on my merry way.
5 minutes later he was no here to be found so I searched and then saw him in the middle of a cloud! You moms know the cloud that I mean! The one made of toilet paper on the bathroom floor. Little did I know he was trying to be Sweet by cleaning up the pee he had peed . . . and then out swept my feet as I slipt on that pee and knocked little E to the ground with a thud.

Both covered in pee he needed a bath, I needed "time -out" and a quick change of jeans.

Now during that fall my poor middle toe got the brunt of it all!


and that i story I knew you would like to hear.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Oh no! What a morning and your poor toe. Hope it heals quickly. Bless Little E's heart for wanting to be a helper and clean up the pee.

Shannalee said...

Aw, honey, that's terrible!

Katie Barker said...

well - you do have quite the little story! I loved that it was rhyming! But sorry to hear about the poor toe.

sara's art house said...

Oh my dear!!!! You poor momma!!!! That is funny- but painful too:)