16 March 2010


In no way do i consider myself a childcare expert. I do have between 3 and 4 developmental and behavioral experts in my home each month.

Now I have two boys I want to show off to you to today.


Both boys had birthdays last october. "L" turned 1 and "E" turned 2.

"E" recieves weekly intervention. (in developmental tasks)

-- he can sign "more", "eat", "drink", and please

--he babbles in his own language

--he can follow tasks such as "clean up", and "put your shoes away"

--he will sit on the toilet and clap but will not pee.

-- he can take off his shoes, shorts , and socks.

-- he can on socks !!--we've been working on that!

--eats wonderfully neat and clean with fork , spoon , and open cup.


-- says "more, please, eat, mommy, daddy, (brother's name), snickers(dog name), elmo, poopoo, jesus, bye bye, hi, hola, go, 1, 2, 3, 10, banana, mik (milk), no, yes, thank you". he attempts to immitate any word you say to him. He also can sign.

-- tells me when he poops and runs to the bathroom even if it is too late and he pooped his diaper.

-- brings me books and makes sounds from that specific book.

-- randomly breaks into song : such as "eat , eat , eat apples and bananas...." or "OOo Ooo Oooahh ahhh (from disney channel)

--can not yet remove or put on clothing. attempts to though.

--will follow simple tasks such as put the ball back in the play pen, or come to the kitchen to eat.

--constantly seeks out "daddy"-- he must be his favorite person!! :)

-- too anxious to get at his meal that he by passes the fork and spoon.

Its incredible to see these two boys who are a whole year apart moving at such drasticly different paces. By the way --the one year old is taller than the two year old! both are roughly 24 lbs.

I love hearing about the development of children that have had a lack of stimulation or have attachment disorders. It is amazing how much a little love and a LOT of consistency can change things...


OUr daughter is still out there. SHe has been reassigned to a different home for when she is found to have time to recover and possibly even rehabilitate from her adventure.


stay tuned. Im still here. reading your blogs.


sara's art house said...

Wow - so interesting!!! You have a very busy life!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

L is soaring with his verbal abilities but E actually seems to be moving at his own pace which is good too.

Baby Boo will be 3 this month and she is finally getting the hang of the potty thing. Each kid has their own time clock I guess.

Hope that your daughter is found. It's frightening to think that she is out trying to gain independence.

Frizzy and Bird said...

Lovely pictures and stories. I couldn't agree with you more re. the attachment issues. You would never believe Yaya was considered hearing impaired now that she's been in an environment filled with love and attention. After 3 years, yes 3 YEARS she is finally falling asleep while facing me. Until recently she wanted nothing to do with being close. It was too much for her which absolutely broke my heart. I'm thankful for those sweet boys they have someone to love and honor them as you are.