24 February 2010

Still here

We are still here!

Things have not been perfect but good thing I have a perfect God!

We are still awaiting news of our daughter. SHe is living with the homeless of the Tampa area. Two of the men she has been with have been arrested but she has eluded us.

She came home for less than 24 hours about 10 days ago. That was really rough. She did not want to be here!( yes, she was brought back here twice--not on her own free will)
There is definitely the allure of drugs involved here....


The boys are well! I am well! Ive been trying to do preschool lessons daily!


Now my deputy has a dislocated shoulder and a fracture in there somewhere. His pain has diminished some but the injury has yet to be repaired.


I will be back soon!! with more of our family news and photos!!



Joyce said...

I'm praying for your daughter's safety, her return home, and her relationship with Jesus.

Frizzy and Bird said...

I have thought of you and prayed for this entire situation so many times. Please continue to keep us posted. Thank you for all you are trying to do for her. Some day she will thank you.

Ronnica said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter...praying for her!