02 February 2010

SO much to say

But not sure how to say it all................
Friday : My friend Shanna arrived from Chicago...staying down the road a bit at Elizabeth's house.
Now Elizabeth and I were both roommates of Shanna..at different colleges..in different states... HOW unusual that we only live a bit apart today!

Now on this semi uneventful Friday a chain of events began to unfold... our daughter came home four hours late.... hmmm.

Saturday: Kumquat Festival in Dade City. The boys awakened around 6:30 and we ate breakfast and got ready to go. I asked daughter if she wanted to go but she said no. I told her she had to stay home ( as a consequence for the previous nite).

SO much fun at the festival!! I bought a super doooper fabulous apron!! from Mamie L designs


I heard "WOW, you have your hands full" thirteen times.
And I had fun talking it up with Shanna and Elizabeth.

Shanna came home with me to spend some time with us.
On the way home we had a BLOW OUT! on I -75! in the RAIN! with 4 Kiddies sleepin!! and no MAN!

I called my sleeping husband an he jumped up to rescue us... however with in ten minutes a Florida Road Ranger stopped to change the tire!! He was like a hero! He was sweet and funny and so helpful!! As soon as he was done! Jacob showed up!! haha.. it was preetty funny. perfect timing I say!!

Back at home we made Vanilla sandwich cookies, Kumquat Chicken and Grilled pears.
ALl beautifully photographed over at FOOD LOVES WRITING by Shanna.

Now our daughter wasnt home when I arrived.... Infact she didnt come home until 7:30 looking like a guilty homeless wreck.... OH MY....

Shanna and I stayed up and watched some Lifetime and it was simply fabulous just having some friend time.

On Sunday: I get up to feed the boys and our daughter comes downstairs pronoucing that she is going out. I say no you are not. You need to stay in. She left anyways. I followed her the door and saw a young man in our yard. He saw me and started to run. Are you kidding me? Like Lil PUNK- you think Im gunna chase you???

Around 11 I decided to begin to report her a runaway and we completed that process around 5 pm.
We assumed she was with "him" and decided to see if any one by his name was also missing. Yes he had been reported missing the night before. Sadly he has quite an extensive record for such a young fellow... and is a registered sex offender...

Now matter what any one says.... "Oh, she is JUST your Foster child" doesnt help me feel better!!! In fact it makes me angry!

MOnday morning: My husband comes home from work , takes two boys to the doctor for shots while i stay home for the other two to have their in home therapy!

We attempt to settle down for a nap around 1, but we receive a tip and Jake takes off to find our daughter. He arrives home with her around 5. Not that she wants to be here... but she is here..and She is safe. and we are thankful for that... Yes there will be consequences and doctor appts.... but no one ever said life is easy....

She melted into my arms... with a myriad of apologies ....we hugged and i had her shower.... we all were in bed before 8 pm... this house was like Christmas eve by 8:30. we were all so exhausted!!

I am so thankful for the prayers from our friends. I am so grateful for the God who answers those prayers.... and I have so much more to be thankful for.....


Shannalee said...

Wow, wow, wow. I still can't believe this all happened. Crazy weekend is right. Sooo glad she's home and you're all OK. Also glad I got to see you. Love ya.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

The weekend sounded like fun, adventurous, scary and crazy all at the same time. I'm glad though that your daughter is safe at home with you. Hang in there. She is testing her boundaries over and over but I know that you two will do what's best for her.

Kristin said...

WOW! Can't even imagine how that felt.

I was in Dade city that day too. Probably walked right by you. I was the crazy lady chaseing after 4 boys.

Hope things settle down a little.