04 November 2009

This MOnths Forecast

Some months are just tough aren't they?~
For us this month was a happy one yet financially a pain!


Lil Man D broke his arm which meant he stayed home with me yet we still had to pay the $90 per week at his school. The car blew out and needed all new tires. We had three birthdays....

When all these little things add up it mades it tough to make that dollar stretch!

Yes I am blessed to receive some monies for the children I get to love on... but after diapers and milk and pediasure... its pretty much all gone!


I am looking forward to this November! Here are some great things already happening
I bought two turkeys!! each one was 99 cents!!

I cooked one up and now have three freezer bags full of meat for the coming weeks menu!! SUggestions?! I was thinking Turkey Ala King and turkey corn chowder.....

I have WIC appts for the brothers so that will bring in much needed nutrition!!

Jacob has two days off this month which will allow him to be home for 5 days straight!!! StayCation Here we come!!!

Our Target Foster home goodies are coming through in the form of Zoo passes and Aquarium passes for the family!!!


sara's art house said...

Good job on the turkeys!!! My faves are turkey soup and good old fashioned turkey sandwiches.

TwoMuths said...

99 cents each? Where are you shopping?! That is awesome. I just got a page of recipes last night at a Pampered Chef meeting for turkey leftovers. I'll scan them and send them to you. Turkey corn chowder sounds gooooooood.

skB said...

I don't know how you keep up with everything--but those kids sure have a special blessing in you!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I can live off of turkey...ground up, in meatballs, as sandwiches, in soup and burritos and tacos.

Hope that November is easier on the wallet for you.

Ronnica said...

That's great about the turkeys!

Kristin said...

That sounds wonderful...and how awesome to get such a deal on the turkeys! Nothing yummier than turkey sandwiches for lunch...using the leftovers! Thansk for stopping by my blog!

BWIT said...

Wow, me and my family just went through 3 birthdays this week as well. Blessings!

-TheBigB from swap-bot!

mischief said...

WHAT?! 99c a turkey!? I wish we had turkeys that price here that's outrageous!

Anonymous said...

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Adventure Mom Janna said...

Wow! I hope more bargains come your way. I'm so proud of you and all you do for your kiddos!