29 September 2009

Tuesday Smooseday

Hello Friends!
Momma Rae here!

All is well on the home front. We did have a vomiting incident yesterday, but it wasnt one of us.

All cleaned up and we are now on to bigger and better things. Daughter C and I went out for breakfast this morning while PappaJake watched the boys.

It was a nice time for us to chat without me laying down andy law... etc... First time parenting a teen has its challenges. But I love it , without a doubt.

Baby L will be Toddler L soon as he is moments away from walking! He is eating all food, but still bottling it a few times a day.

Our Toddler E has said French Fry!! WOW. Everything else pretty much sounds Chinese and he laughs so hard when i speak back to him in my version of Chinese.

Baby V is doing well and scooting around on the floor. He is 9 months. He does well brining foods to his mouth like banana, cheerios, and kix.

Lil Man D is now Preschooler D and he is learning the good and the bad there. We are struggling with biting, hair pulling, and slapping faces....

Daughter C will be starting MAssage Therapy this month! We are so proud of her. She seems to be thriving, for which I am glad.


Julie said...

And Mamma Rae is... AWESOME! :)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Wait...do you have more additions to your family? I thought that there was Little Man D and Baby L and of course, Miss C. When did the others arrive? Congratulations if I missed a few blog posts.

Mamacita said...

God bless you real BIG, Momma Rae and Pappa Jake.