19 August 2009


Baby L

* can eat from a spoon but prefers to grab the end with the food ON it

* Climbs the stairs with no help

* becoming a BIG laughter boy

* Loves jumping in the the bouncy seat

* likes to repeat sounds we make ."da. na, brrrrp, etc"

* takes magnets of the fridge and deposits them at other locations around the house

* likes to eat cheerios, little Puffs, cheese, tomatoes, cookie crumbles, and more!

Lil Man D

*Early Steps Eval tomorrow to see if he can get Speech help

* will be going to preschool most likely next month!

* calling us mommy and daddy

* still not interested in potty training

* the best clean up helper ever!

* actually sitting/standing through movies like Finding Nemo

* requests to watch Animal BAnd 5 times a day

* tells me to call 9-9-1 if theres a fire

* love to make farting sounds with the duckies in the bath and then laugh so hard he farts himself ....OoO bubbles.....


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

How old is Lil Man D? I'm sure the potty training will happen...when he's ready. Sounds like they are both very settled and loving you. Will they be able to stay with you long term?

Katie Barker said...

Glad things sound like they are getting more routine! Hope you enjoy the end of summer.