15 August 2009

Not just a pet Peeve a BIG ole Peeve!

So most of us have our little pet peeves......
Growing up on GUam it was just NORMAL for everyone to take their shoes off before coming indoors.... I didnt really know people ever wore shoes inside!

SO here I am wondering why people don't pay attention to my big ole sign!?!?
Like obviously I take it seriously?!

We walk on our shoes in public restrooms and along the street.... down the store aisles and through fast food restaurants!!

GROSS!! you wanna bring that onto my floor where the babies crawl!?!??!


So I just ordered disposable shoe covers and I will MAKE anyone who wants to wear their shows insides wear them!!! LOL and they are SO UGLY!! HAHAHHAHA.. I love it!!!! they will be miserable for not following MY HOUSE RULES....



sara's art house said...

I totally agree with you!!!!!! I was really uptight about this when we had babies- now it is not such a big deal b/c they are not crawling down there and picking things up and putting them in their mouth. i totally understand and think you are being reasonable about it!!!

Pam said...

I wear shoes inside most of the time because wear a lift in my shoe that keeps the opposite knee from hurting (long story, but just trust me on this one). My kids don't wear shoes inside, though, but they just prefer to go barefoot, as would I if I could.

We recently stayed with a friend who required her family to wear shoes in the house. Apparently she is prone to getting little cuts on her feet when she doesn't wear shoes. Different strokes for different folks!

D said...

Having lived in Japan for 3 yrs, I totally agree.
I don't have a sign (but I have seen some really cute ones) But most SW are thoughtful enough to take their shoes off when they see a big ole pile of shoes by the door and all of us bare footed.
Some, but not All.
I agree with you...totally nasty.

Momma Rae and the Deputy said...

i mean i pay well over 1800 a month to live here... so i think i should choose how my house is run :)... lol :)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I understand. We have white carpet but I also want to make my guests feel welcome without making them feel like they have to take off their shoes either. Some people don't like "showing" their feet.

christina said...

oh man, this post was funny. I hate wearing shoes indoors, and i take my shoes off whenever i can. the shoe covers idea, love it :) though i'm fairly used to wearing shoe covers at work.