31 August 2009

it was a long day for me......

6:45 -- wake up and get kiddos ready for appt at the Growth Clinic.
9:00 Realize I am lost and not in Tampa anymore-- Call Growth CLinic.
9:30 Show up late for appt.
{get told BabyL has gained 3 lbs since being in my care and is no longer failure to thrive!!!}
11:30 show up really really late for the PreSchool tour.
12:30 get home and get a call from my daughter that she needs to be picked up at the mall.
1:30 pulling in from getting daughter and get a call that my food Pantry order is ready for pick up.
2:00 pick up order
{realize that ordering 8 popcorn meant 8 cases of popcorns!!!!!!}
2:30 get home and unload such 8 cases of popcorn, 12 boxes of mocha m&m's , 10 Kashi pizzas, 6 gallons of lemonade, 12 bags of Smartfood popcorn.....
3:00 get kids down for nap
4:30 Lady Deputy drops off the girls for the night
5:30 entertain babies and such..
6:00 feed them dinner
7:00 clean up from a crazy messy meal and clean up popcorn. Of Course we had POPCORN!!
7:30 bath time for the boys
8:00 movie for the older two and babies in cribs....

Now-- sitting down with some icetea and a small pouch of those mocha M&M's.....

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Mamacita said...

Zow-wee, you win for the crazy day contest. It sounds like you could use a vacation in Hawaii!! :)