03 July 2009

Tip Me Please

As a semi-new full time momma I can always use a TIP!

I would you love you to use my image above and link to my page leaving me a handful of tips!!

Your tips can be household related, childcare related, or even cooking related! I will try to host this once a week throughout the summer! If you don't wish to post about it on your own blog simply feel free to comment below!

Here are some of my all time favorite TIPS:

* rinse ground beef after cooking to eliminate the fat! (before adding spices etc...)

* add a tablespoon of bleach to bottle and sippie cup dish water once a week. RINSE well!

* leave shoes at front door to keep household floors more sanitary.

* Brush children's teeth while in the bathtub.

* check moneysavingmom.com or other deal site daily! to save a buck or two.

* never buy Walgreens, Walmart, or BigLots brand diapers even if they are practically free.


Pam said...

Have you had problems with the cheap diapers? Before I got into couponing, I bought Walmart brand diapers all the time, and never had a problem with them. They were about half the price of the name brands. Every baby is different, though. Every brand is shaped a little bit different, and some babies are sensitive to certain brands.

Momma Rae and the Deputy said...

Oh they are horrible!! they are so SMALL!! they are not even close to being the size of other diapers:)

Pam said...

For a while there, I remember that the Walmart diapers did seem small. It was like they were putting the wrong diapers in the wrong packages. I kept taking them back, and even called the number on the package once. That is about the time I got into couponing, though, so I started buying name brand diapers for the same or less than I was paying for Walmart's. I guess it was not a mistake, but a permanant change. Weird.

Anonymous said...


Use elbow macaroni for spaghetti.