09 July 2009


Welcome to my Swap-bot Friends!
This blog is quickly becoming a mommy blog!
This week I have 4 kiddos Plus my Jace that I babysit.
I love having a house full of giggles....
Please leave me a happy little comment. I love commenting back!


J A C I L O O said...

im glad you have some time to blog. im actually enjoying reading them and hearing all the updates! so 4 kiddos huh? are they all getting along? i feel so bad for the little girl.. thankfully, she has you! :)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Hope you're getting some sleep. I'm sure the house is filled with laughter but still take care of you.

Little Family said...

You forgot to say four "Adorable" Kiddos. Those babies are all precious. Glad we came over!

lovepossum said...

Lovely blog! The photos are great, you can definitely see the giggles love and fun at your place! I think it's great that you write of your experiences and of foster care. Positive stories are definitely something that should be promoted more often. All the best :)