08 June 2009

on the 6th Night

Here we are!

After our sixth dinner, our sixth bath time, our sixth bedtime story.....
And I am still "giddy as a schoolgirl".

Lil Man D has had his share of time outs and cool downs as he learns that we need him to listen to our instruction. He also has received about 100 kisses on the gorgeous mocha skin.
I have to admit that staring at perfect skin all days makes me self conscious as I look in the mirror at night!

Baby L is malnourished and I'm trying my best to do what is best for him....
I am thankful for a great back up system of case managers and Child Protective Service Doctors to help me through it all.

I seriously would welcome any and all info you may have on the subject. I actually wish I had written a research paper on it in college....

I am getting their outstanding WIC checks and having them reprinted in my name ASAP. Hopefully before I run out of formula.

I am in LOVE with Huggies Overnights!! WOW . after two mornings of a soaked lil toddler I had to find a solution. I marched over to Target with two coupons and bought myself the biggest bag possible.

Today I went to BabiesRus with Lil Man D while Baby L napped (with PappaJake at home of course) and I bought a fabulous Patent leather diaper bag wiht faux leopard print!! Ill take a pic tomorrow. I am actually already in bed!!



The Two of Us said...

YAY! Still so excited for you!

D said...

for extra calories for the baby, you can mix his cereal with his (already mixed) baby formula,instead of water. and for an even bigger boost, add some baby food fruit like banana in there too. He'll love it, and he'll get much needed extra calories.

Lora said...

The pics of *your* boys are so sweet! So glad it's going well.

Ronnica said...

Looks like you're settling in nicely!

Anonymous said...

L might be a little young for this, but a little more formula in the formula:water equation might be helpful. Good luck!

If they're older (teens and such) and having problems keeping their body fat up, give them baked goods. The sugar is better in that form than in a candy bar or some such sweetness.

Erin Yezbick

Anonymous said...

Okay, that looks like I had no clue you have small ones. In the future...if one of your fosters is older and too thin, try the baked goods route. :D


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Hey! I'm now a follower! I'm so glad that you have those sweet chocolate kisses to love!!

If you feed him cereal from a spoon, that will start him getting fuller and more nourished. On top of that, they have baby yogurts that may also be something to add a little to his diet.

I'm excited for you! Can't wait to see pictures of your new diaper bag.

LMLogan said...

ahhh I've been away too long!!! WOOHOOO!! I'm so excited for you rae!! can't wait to hear more about it!! this is awesome!

sara's art house said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! Can't wait to see the diaper bag!