04 June 2009

And they slept so well!

ABout 6:30 last night Jacob and I became the proud foster parents to two little boys.

Baby L is 7 months old and Lil Man D is 2.

My friends Kelli, Adam, and Jace were here for dinner and we all had a wonderful evening together. The boys got acquainted with us and we with them.

Both boys ate and slept well. Surprisingly they came with formula, food, and clothing.

Yeah so were kinda shallow on the diaper edge but that's not much considering!

The kinda photos I CAN show you :) lol.
I really want to be careful with the photos I post so here is a blurry pic of Lil man D. Yes he has a broken arm. Baby L is sleeping tight in the top pic.


Little Family said...

Stop making me cry!!! Seriously, I am thrilled. You are just a blessing to me... and those 2 boys.

Anonymous said...

This is me happy dancing! So happy you for you!

Also popular would be the back of the head and body only shots:) My personal favorite is the oversized hat look.

TwoMuths said...

I'm sure they are so happy to have you in their lives, too! This is almost the same distance our kids are apart! Busy, busy, and SUCH joy! You will have such fun - CONGRATS!