22 May 2009

Simply Me

Well I simply don't want to neglect you just because there is no interesting news!
In less than a month I am headed to my dear friend Michelle's wedding in the DC area. I am hoping that Jacob can come with me and we can have a fun weekend away.

Here is the dress I will be wearing.... IN black.
We were told to get Peep-Toe shoes so these are the ones I want. From target.
It has been raining like a typhoon all week here! yes It does seems to dampened my mood a tad. I made it through though! Is the weather crazy all over the country or what?
The only news that I have from our Agency is that they are having problems with our background checks... Um.. A year later?!!?!? really!??!


Little Family said...

Been wondering what was going on. Keep your chin up. It must be very difficult.. this waiting game.

The rain has been insane here. You can't help but get in a bad mood! Where is the sunshine???

LindaSueBuhl said...

darling dress and shoes are too cute - sorry the delays continue all I can say is God's timing is perfect so something must be in the works to change the situation for your blessings