17 April 2009

Praying it through

So I am picturing in my head who is holding our paperwork.
I am praying for their hands to swift.
I am praying their cares away.
I am praying to silence their phone.
I am praying for our paperwork to be moved through this crazy governmental system so that we can have a few babes to care for.

Our paperwork has finally been submitted by our agency to Hillsborough Kids Inc. Once approved they turn it over to Department of Children and Families.

-a one week turn around-

DCF will have no more than 30 days to complete our case. Most are actually completed in a week.


Little Family said...

I will pray the same. So exciting that you are finally getting there. Can't wait to see who God brings into your life.

sara's art house said...

I am praying for those things too- It must be hard to wait!