10 March 2009


Since today is our home study I was told that I had to print photos of the sleeping areas for the children. I thought I would share them with you.

Bedroom 1:
Blue Walls

WOuld love a bunk bed in this room. Since it is about 90 sq feet. We can have two children in the room. BUt there is room for another twin bed. There just wouldnt be as must floor space to play around on. But since we have the loft to use as a play space it would be OK to have separate beds.

Nursery: Yellow walls

I would love to add a toddler bed to this room and move the swing downstairs once we get a little one. This is slightly more than 80 sq. ft.

The curtains do now have tie backs and are nicely attached to the wall. My mother was thinking of making a matching valance and moving those curtains into the "cafe-curtain" style. These were originally made two years ago when we were living in an apt. with smaller windows.


sara's art house said...

Looks great!!!!

D said...

very nice! Love the nursery.