10 January 2009

lemon ice.

Here is a before and after to make your day!!


This is the kitchen and breakfast area at my new home.

And here is a Before picture of the living room --which is completed--but You have to wait until LATER to see the After!! haha!Now you may think it because I want to tease you, however, I actually just forgot my camera today! oops. So why don't we play a game. Can you guess the accent wall color of the living room?!?!


LMLogan said...


Katie Barker said...

Wine colored redish maroon?!?

Little Family said...

Oh I love it! Great shoice in color. I will not guess the accent color b/c I am not as artsy-fartsy as you and I will probably pick a really dumb one. Can't wait to see it!

skB said...

hmmmm. I think you have me stumped on this one! I love your yellow, though. . .and I can't wait to see more pictures!

sara's art house said...

Looks great!

I am hoping orange like Lindsey.

TwoMuths said...

I vote a burnt orange color too! (I read this in Google Reader and came to comment and saw that I was not alone in my thought of orange...)

Shannalee said...

You are totally cheerful yellow kitchen---that is perfect! As for the other color, I have no idea, but FYI I love the arched entryways.

D said...

a beatiful shade of green. that's what mine is,

skB said...

R--I'm dying to know!! I decided to check back one more time tonight to see if you told us the answer yet! :)

Ronnica said...

Who, you're messing with my mind with those angles!

I'm guessing a deep red.