29 December 2008

new new new.

Happy New Year.

Can you believe its almost 2009?

I had a great Christmas with Jacob and Jaci. (and Joel came over for a bit).

I got a fantastic Xyron Creative Station, diamond necklace, wii fit cover, bath rug and assorted crafting supplies.

This month we will be moving into our new fabulous home so I hope to shower you with before and after photos.

Tomorrow we get the carpets cleaned. We might also paint the one holey damaged wall that was behind the entertainment center....a nice dark red....

JAcob got a flat tire on the way to work and we realize that we need ALL new tires as they are starting to rot. My gooodness the things that pop up right after you spend a bit tooo much at Christmas.....

OH I also got a handy food steamer from my friend that I cant wait to use!!


sara's art house said...

Oooh, you got some fun gifts for Christmas! Sorry about the tires :(

Looking forward to your before and afters!

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