04 November 2008

the votes out.

Jacob and I voted this afternoon and then made the round around town for our free coffee at Starbucks, sandwich at Chick-fil-A , and sprinkled donut at Krispy Kreme for dessert!! how fabulous to get a free dinner I say!!
I would really love it if some of you my friends would join me on swap-bot for my Spice and Recipe swap!!

International Spice & Recipe Swap
For this swap you will take 4 spices or seasoning packs and mail to your partner.
You will need to include a recipe for each spice!

For example: If you include a taco seasoning packet, you need to include your favorite chicken gordita recipe. Or, if you were to send a can of lemon pepper, include your lemon pepper green beans stirfry recipe, etc…. understand?

*Total : 4 spices & 4 recipes*

Try to be unique and creative with your package! No opened spice packages. It might be a good idea to put each spice in a Ziploc baggy to keep the smells separate.
There is no price requirement but I assume this will be at least a $4 purchase, unless sending pricier spices.


Lisa said...

Do we only need to send all 4 spices and recipes to 1 person? Or if there are 10 people we have to send this to 10 people?

If it is just one person, I am in.

Also, you said no UNOPENED spices. You want me to send spices that are opened, like just put some in a baggy and send that?

Email me at livelaughlovelife@hotmail.com and let me know the details.

Lisa said...

OK, I went and read the link you had and I get it now. Lemme think about it and I will get back to you :)

Rachel and Jacob said...

oops no opened!!! ahk!

skB said...

I'm telling you--great free-bees today, huh? I especially enjoyed my Starbucks in their Christmas cup. . .can't believe they already have them out!

AndreaLeigh said...

Do I just let you know I want to join? How do I sign up?

And how did I not know about the free chickfila sandwiches? grr. i love chickfila. darn!

Mommyof3 said...

Hi Rachel:)

I found your page through Bring The Rain. I'm very sorry about your little boy and pray for God's amazing grace to bring you peace. We lost our little Ella at 24 weeks over 4 years ago. God has carried us.

I'm writing to tell you how cool your little circle magnets are! I have a 7 year old girl and I think making these would be a fun art project for her and make great inexpensive Christmas gifts for our family members. Do you buy the glass circles at Michaels? Hobby Lobby? Then I assume you hot glue magnet to the back? Thank you in advance for any help you can give. My email is bpfeifer32@hotmail.com I have yet to join the blogging world.... I live in St. Augustine not to faar from you:) Good luck and lots of prayers for your foster adventure.