17 October 2008

Sixth of the Sixth

I was Tagged
by my good friend Lins to find the sixth photo in my sixth album and post it. Like her I don't have 6 real albums and therefore also used my facebook photo albums.

This is me with all my beautiful girl friends at my wedding! I still love the colors!

Becca, far left, is at school here in Clearwater now. Jarrelle is finishing up school in Tennessee and sure to be getting married soooon herself! Elisabeth is going to be a proud adoptive mommy to a little boy from Ethiopia come May!! Which means i get to be the auntie! Michelle is happily dating the man of her dreams in or somewhere near DC. Amber is a mommy to an angel like myself. Both our boys named Joseph. And Megan is at school in S.C.

I therefor Tag: dddiva, melissa, sara's art, and
lora .


Annie said...

I love the colors too!

sara's art house said...

I love your colors too! I will have to try this. Thanks for tagging me.