24 October 2008

My birthday week.

My TomTom b-day gift!!!

It didn't come until today!! What a complete surprise!!!

This sure was a busy week for me!

WE had our 7 hour home interview and then i found out that we have to have our fingerprinting done again so this delays them turning in our final report to DCF.

My goodness.

On Thursday I got to see precious little Jonathan, recently adopted by my freinds and fellow bloggers the Herriages.

Can you get enough of this cuteness?!??!!?
So Alert and Precious.

Happy Baby.


OK so Prior to giving birth I was kinda private about my "privates" But once you gone through that whole ordeal you kinda loose all shame!!

None of this is meant to offend but i had the most uncomfortable procedure today. Jacob was sweet and stayed home with me so that I didnt have to go through it alone.... Bascially they just took some samples of my innerds... It's just not that "basic" trying to get the samples out . OUCH.
I got all sorts of things going on in there.

The Biopsy results will be back soon enough and Ill let yah know when the painful procedures come into play. That way you can send me a card. I like cards.



Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! The baby is so so cute!! Good Luck to you I hope everything goes well!

Annie said...

I'll even go out and buy a card, not just the box of generics they sell for fundraisers:)

Lora said...

What a precious baby! And I hope your test results come back good.

RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

Happy Birthday! I'll be praying for you!


Michael & Sandra said...

We will be praying that your test results come back as you are hoping.