01 October 2008

Ive been garland-ing

A cute little spooky Hello Kitty Garland.

Bats for Boys.

Perfect for a Batman themed room.
If it doesn't sell in my shoppe I will definitely keep it for my foster boys room.

It's a Girl - party Garland!

Christmas Ribbon Garland with tassel style ornament.

I had a lot of fun creating these little goodies! I made a fall one that sold earlier this week on Etsy.


Have you shopped ShopHandmade?

What a fun site! Similar to Etsy for all you etsy fans!
I plan to try it out! What can I loose!

SO- go check out my store. Im busy making my inventory....



By The Way Friends. my 400th post is coming up. I will be giving away a ribbon garland!! so come back sooon!!!!



Rachel said...

Love that Halloween Garland!! Soooo cute! Can't wait for your giveaway! They seem to be going around.

Katie Barker said...

These are really creative! I like 'em! Are you getting the ribbon discounted? How much does it take to make one garland?

Rachel & Jacob said...

I buy the ribbon at Joann's... Its about $4-5 for each garland :) the ribbon comes in $2 packs.

mamacita said...

Thank you for the yummy tea party, gifts, and crafting. I had a fun time.