19 October 2008

I did say Monday didn't I?

The plan WAS to have our home interview Monday and health inspection Tuesday... However now I will just have my Birthday on Monday and both Interview and Inspection on Tuesday!

I would appreciate prayers that everything goes smoothly....

Now onto my next topic.

I Love Christmas. I also love the whole present thing! I really do! I love the paper and the pretty packages. I love giving and you know what-- I like getting too.

I joined a Christmas Swap..... actually more than 1.

I am so excited for the ornament swap.

I have my Secret Santa Soiree gifts waiting in a basket.

I however do need to do a bit more shopping for the other 2..

Alright. I think you should join too!

Are you into primitive and homemade goodies?!?!?


Are you in for a few small sweet and fun treats? this one best fits a smaller budget??


What about a big ole fun Christmas surprise package??


OoooOoo I think I better get shopping!!

I think you should join one!! I really do! Spread some cheer!

Just think how you could truly encourage someone with a fun happy gift package.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We're trying to get our house ready for the home inspection too. So overwhelming!
Good luck!!