13 October 2008

Here's my ideas for the week.

Monday: Stuffed Chicken Breasts(a frozen food item) with mashed sweet potatoes.

Tuesday: Chicken or Beef (and lots of veggies) Stirfry with Brown Rice

Wednesday: Spaghetti or pasta bake.

Thursday: Out to eat.

Friday: The other package of stuffed Chicken breasts with squash soup and homemade bread.

Saturday: Stirfry with white rice. Jacobs most requested meal :)


RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

Oh yum!

Isn't meal planning great on the budget? Josh and I love it.


Little Family said...

Will you plan my meals for me?

Maggie R said...

Gee what a fun day with the SITSas
it's going to take awhile to visit everyone... but what a great way to see all these new blogs, Yours is really "cool" I gotta try that cheesecake, My mouth is watering...where's the tissue!