21 October 2008

As you can tell.....

I am sitting around waiting for our Family Developmental Specialist.

Our interview is here.....finally!! Ive been waiting for months!!

We had our health inspection this morning--no sweat.

The house is clean and even though I am eager to do a little bit of art, i dont want to mess up the house or any portion there of before our interview. :)

Blogging is pretty mess-free.

Your Surfing Habits are 70% Female, 30% Male

If we had to guess, we would guess you are a woman.

You use the internet to keep up with friends and family.

You are likely to get online to communicate and share information.

You are also to research things that directly effect your life, like health and travel.


You Should Be a Pumpkin

You are seen as cute and adorable. People can't help but love you.

You see Halloween as the day you can really go all out and get noticed.

You're definitely likely to get a little scared on Halloween.

You are easily spooked, but you love feeling scared. It's all part of the fun.


I think you should go check out these two sites.....


All the swaps currently out there... well not ALLL.....


and several fun bloggy events......



KandiB said...

How fun! I never knew swaps existed. I'll have to get more details and try it out! ICLW

Kymberli said...

I think I did that male/female internet usage thing a few months ago and it said that I was 100% female, lol.


Ronnica said...

I got 50/50 on that first quiz. Hmmm. I'm pretty feminine in real life, really!