01 September 2008

Plate as a Canvas

I have always enjoyed ART.
When I was in elementary school in SC, before moving to Guam. It was my absolute favorite class. My parents had me taking private lessons from an ole military chaplain and I am still " most proudest" of the work I did while under his tutelage.
In high school I enjoyed the theater arts and an honors art class. In college I took a Drawing class, photography and theater classes. Those being my faves all the way around!!

I now find my self with more than a few spare minutes each day. I enjoy LOOKING at art as well as Making art.

I still enjoy making pictures. I think working as a photographer on Guam is and was the best job ever!! There's no competition in my book.

Lately I have tried my hand at paper crafting and other fun things.

Today I used a plate as a my canvas.

I love the simple lines of the painting! How fantastic. And just as easy as it looks!

I'm selling it in my Etsy store. It comes with a free wall hanging kit!!


sara's art house said...

And I still have those precious black and white pics you took of Dave and I. You did such a GREAT job!!!!!

Melissa Lester said...

Wow, you are an all-around artist with so many areas of talent! I too enjoyed theater in high school and college. I miss expressing myself that way now, but have found other creative outlets.

Your photography will be a real blessing when you welcome little ones into your home through fostering them, as you can capture their beauty, innocence and joy in images they can look back to when they are grown.

Lora said...

Great plate! And I love your new blog look, too!

RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

It's darling!

I'm emailing a link to a friend of mine who has decorated her kitchen with a Paris-theme.

We submitted our paperwork to the county that the children live in and are waiting to hear if the county feels that we would be a good match. We don't know any background information on the kids so we have no idea if we will be selected. If so, they'll be staying here before Christmas.


LindaSueBuhl said...

Love the new blog look! Art is one of many talents I do NOT possess but I am a great admirer of those who do - consider yourself admired.

Ronnica said...

Cute! I think it would be neat to decorate in an international theme.