02 September 2008

My favorite time of day

I have a favorite time of day.

Do you?

Now, Im not talking about your favorite meal, or your favorite activity of the day.
I am talking about that time from 6-8 when people start coming home from work. The sun is starting to go down and the weather gets a bit cooler!
When you walk outside you can smell dinner cooking from your neighbors grill. Hopefully you can also smell a yummy meal in your kitchen too! It's the time people come home. COME HOME. That's the best time in the world.

Work can be put behind you. You can shower off the grime and sweat. You can sip a glass of sweet tea. You can greet and love on all your family members.


I know home isn't like this for everyone. I know people work different shifts. But this is how it is for me. I love hearing my husbands truck drive up. I like to take my trash out around this time when its getting cooler. I like the way my home smells. I like to review all I have accomplished today before sitting down to dinner.

This is my favorite time of day.


Lisa said...

I like several times throughout the day. I like the time in the morning right after I drop the kids off at school and it is quite in the house. The day is fresh. The sun isnt too high and it isnt sweltering hot yet. My other fave time is between 7 and 9 at night during the summer months.

Rachel said...

I'm going to put a bag over my head and tell you what a bad mom I am.. My favorite time of day is when the kids are asleep. Don't get me wrong I ♥ my kids to no end. But there is just something about the evenings when the little ones are all asleep & I can just be me & enjoy the quiet and lookback on the good day that we had. I need a little of that everyday. In fact I'm having it right now.

Great post by the way. Really got me thinking.


Little Family said...

I am like you. I like the evening. Although, it's more when dinner is over, cleaned up and we are winding down. Samantha has had a bath and we are reading books, or playing quietly.

grandma's quilt said...

I like the time in the morning right after the sunrise,now that my kids are all grow,I will go for walked with Roman my dog and then have my cool tea on the front house
and enjoy my quiet time. I love the four season weather were we live the flowers,the birds,the garden, leaves on Fall and holidays on Winter and yes there is no place like home.

sara's art house said...

Hi! I picked your idea for the coffee painting. Let me know which print I can send you.

mamacita said...

Very much like my daughter, I like the evening time around 7-9 p.m. The sweet scent of the night flowers begin to send forth their fragrance, the sunsets project the most stunning artwork God created, and the day feels a little bit cooler. For me it's all about giving my tired eyes a rest and feasting on the lovely things in life.

Nana said...

My favorite time of the day is bedtime. I can lie in bed and read my book and not have to think about my "hurting" back. But in three months, I will tell you how much better I feel.