05 September 2008

I have new Art!

If you havent gone shopping over at Sara's Etsy Shop yet, I suggest you make the trip!
In addition to the art, I purchased some $3 matte board and $6 poster frames. It looks like a gallery on my dining room wall! These prints are 11x14. She's got a sale going on tooo!


sara's art house said...

Yay! And you have one more in the mail for you too! I just went ahead and sent that "Home" one.

Moi said...

I love love love the new look of your blog! So cute!
I am going to go check out your new blog now. here i go!

Lora said...

Love your new art!! Very cool!

RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

I love your art! I wish I could afford to buy some of it now. Maybe in a few weeks after I've recovered from my aunt and uncle visiting here.


Pam said...

I ordered some from her too, and can't wait for it to come!

Did you get my order?

Amy said...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! Your new site will be interesting - Tampa is a very fun place (I've visited twice).