17 August 2008


I've been thinking about cupcakes a lot lately.

It all started when we were downtown near the Port for our anniversary.

We passed by a small shop with some that I caught on camera.

Then as traveled down the shopping aisles at Etsy I was overwhelmed by some scrumptious finds I just had to share with you!!

Please stay for a visit!

The Bangerang Bake Shop aka FatDaddy Bake shop will make and send cupcakes to your door in a precious little jar all tied up with a ribbon!
It truly doesn't look like it could get any yummier! I added this seller to my faves right away!


Perhaps you would like a new cell phone charm?

This lovely concoction may look like a yummy dessert when in actuality is SOAP. Aren't you excited for a bath with this babe! Check out treatsoap!

Finally for now, I think we should all check out the One Pounder Cuppie.

I can't believe she can fit a whole pound into a cupcake, but I will willingly give a taste test!


Shannalee said...

I. Love. Cupcakes.

Yondalla said...

Thanks! With another kid headed off to college I was wondering what I would do about his birthday.

Years ago Harry and David had a wonderful little birthday box. It included a small cake and a noise maker. I looked to see if any of the bakers had a sort of package but didn't find one.

Lora said...

I {heart} cupcakes! I'd love to take a bite of that one-pounder!