03 August 2008


I dont know about you --but I LOVE bubble baths.

My Avon rep knows that I order a bottle every time!!

I also LOVE bath bombs.

I usually get my bath bombs in Orlando at the Basin.

Here is a new fun site I found that makes creative bath bombs!

Beyond the Bomb


I'm also looking into making some of my own!!

Basic Bath Bomb Recipe--check out teachsoap.com

Gather your ingredients:

• 1 part citric acid
• 2 parts baking soda
• Witch hazel
Coloring of your choice
Fragrance oil of your choice
• Dome Shaped Mold


Lora said...

What a fun thing to make! Maybe I'll try these for some stocking stuffers at Christmas.

Ren said...

I'll have to try out that recipe, I LOVE bath bombs and bubble baths SO much.

Thanks for stopping by today!