07 August 2008


My Dear Husband Jake has the nastiest KINK in his neck.. He missed his first day of work since starting Police Academy in February.

He actually has been in excruciating pain. What a week. What crazy doctor bills. Even having insurance can quickly put a whole in your pocket. We are blessed with wonderful insurance.


The lady from whom I was going to buy the crib sold it to some one else before we could pick it up. So I am looking for another Craigslist deal :)

As I browse blogs and facebook albums I look at all the precious baby pictures.

I see little ones sleeping on their tummies... so sweet.
I had to sign a paper the other day saying I would not EVER let my little ones sleep on their tummies......

It's amazing what birth parents "get away with". --No negative connotation--

just waiting-- for our babes....what a fun excursion this will be!


mamacita said...

You were put on your tummy. You turned out all right. :)

Rachel said...

my goodness mother!! how could you?!?!?!?

Lisa said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!

I saw your link for your local heart gallery. I love that project! I was a volunteer photographer for my local heart gallery.