14 July 2008

Recap some food from this month.

I made Burgers and Fries for our JULY 4 dinner!! --grin--

Best Ever summer dinner salad!!
--2 cups fresh cooked pasta( I used Ditalini)
--I chopped cucumber.
--1/2 bottle of BOUNTIFUL dressing

finish it off by

OoOo I want to be a kid and put these chips inside my hamburger!!!

ahhh SMELL the garlic ( well --not Jenny and other pregnant women)


TwoMuths said...

I LOVE the smell of garlic - and your spread *minus the pickle chips* :-) looks YUMMO!

Liz said...

Combine eating those Pringles AND sitting by the pool and you've just described my idea of heaven.

Lora said...

Mmmmm...burgers & fries by the pool sounds great!