04 June 2008

staying home

at home
This week Im staying home from work and thoroughly enjoying myself. I think Jacob enjoys myself as well!! Last night he said he was happy to have me home because i cook dinner! and Im in generally good spirits!!
:)yeah for being in good spirits! Tomorrow will be tough but you know--I'm gunna miss my baby forever in this life. time healing all wounds is a myth meant to comfort.... I think it is absurb to expect comfort in this life but i am so excited about the comfort that will wash over me like a wave when I reach heaven! God's comfort is gunna be amazing I'm sure!
I do want to thank you for your kind words and prayers through this past year! They brought me through rough patches and encouraged me.


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Nana's Nest said...

Rae unless you personally have experienced loosing a child (which I haven't) no one can understand the pain you must feel. A little understanding is loosing a parent. My mama has been gone 7 years and it seems like yesterday. Grief comes in waves even all these years later. The greatest comfort for you is knowing your little boy is in Jesus's care. It's okay to enjoy the moment of reflecting on his short little life. God gave him to you even for that short time. Will be thinking about you.....